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To Multiple Offers

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Following the “Seller’s Guide to Multiple Offers” has resulted in the following:

  100% SOLD rate. That’s right! The SpeedScore pricing model has SOLD every single home that followed this guide. (57)

  SOLD in (11) days. That’s right! The SpeedScore pricing has SOLD each of its homes (57) in less than (11) days.

  (37) days of FREE possession time. That’s right! The SpeedScore pricing model delivers an average of (37) days FREE possession time after the closing.

  47% of homes sold were without an inspection contingency. That’s right! SpeedScore homes sell in an as-is condition nearly half of the time.

  4.89% over the asking price. That’s right! The SpeedScore pricing model sells homes at nearly 5% over the asking price.

Step #1

Online Evaluation

Online evaluations are at best a basic starting points in regards to establishing some level of market value. They operate primarily from algorithms and data feeds that can’t typically take into account the uniqueness of features and/or amenities that could impact a homes market value and/or performance in a given market one way or another. This is why we use an exclusive 3-way Online Evaluation ( 3 separate results) in order to increase the odds of highest accuracy prior to seeing your home. Click HERE to request a more comprehensive 3-way online evaluation for your review then proceed to Step #2 “The Caravan”.

Step #2

What is “The Caravan”

The Caravan is an assembly of Real Estate professionals of various disciplines. They conduct 10- 20-minute walk-thru’s of the home in order to generate a Market Performance report for the homeowners review. The Caravan typically consists of the following:

  • (3-7) active Realtors that that serve primarily as Buyer’s Agents (they prepare individual market analyses for your review)
  • (1) Active buyer (walks thru and reports how private showings will likely go from the buyer point of view)
  • (1) Interior decorating/staging professional (provides feedback on layout, cleanliness and furniture arrangements for best presentation)
  • (1) Photo/Video Professional (provides feedback on points of emphasis and best methods to capture them)
  • (1) Licensed Contractor (provides feedback and quotes for suggested repairs if any)
  • (1) Real Estate internet marketing professional (reviews the home for specific online marketing points that are known to generate intense interest)
  • Click HERE to book a Caravan


To refine the results of Step #1's Online Evaluation by taking into account the homes specific Location, Condition, and Uniqueness prior to listing.  Doing so provides feedback and guidance to the homeowner as to which specific factors may impact the homes market performance one way or the other.  This can only be done by a human being which is why we assemble multiple professionals from various Real Estate disciplines.  Doing so delivers a more multi-faceted and diversified report that is then used to establish the best price point in Step #3.

Report Result:

Caravan results are shared with the homeowner within 48hrs.  At that point, the homeowner will know HOW the specific Location, Condition, and Uniqueness MAY impact the homes market value and performance one way or another.  Prior to proceeding to Step #3 "SpeedScore" the homeowner decides whether to complete one, some or all of the recommended repairs. Or, the decision is made to sell the home in it's "as-is" condition.

Step #3

The "SpeedScore"

There's an enormous amount of West Michigan Real Estate sales/statistical data that correlate the speed of the sale to a number of attractive terms (like sales price) that were readily accepted by West Michigan homeowners.  In short, with speed comes better terms and conditions.  We've spent nearly 10yrs collecting this data and currently employ a former Six Sigma Black Belt to process it for you and deliver it in a way that's easiest to understand.  The SpeedScore is a confidence calculation derived from real-time data, feedback and repair decisions gathered from Steps 1 and 2 and begins the process of pricing your home with the GOAL of multiple offers in mind 1st and foremost.  The homeowner is ACTIVELY involved in this process as pricing CAN NOT be delivered without their participation, understanding, and approval of key metrics used to arrive at a high-performance pricing conclusion.

Step #4

“Staged to Sell”

Staging a home is the process of inviting a professional home stager (usually an individual with a documented interior design/decorating background) into your home to offer guidance in regards to how the spaces should be furnished, re-purposed, organized, lighting, etc.  If this service is in the seller's budget it is likely to pay off BIG!  Staging isn't just moving stuff around and taking things out.  There's a science behind how to move prospective buyers through the home so that it shows itself in the best light possible.  The "Showing Flow" makes sure that the homes best selling points aren't overlooked during the individual private tours, showings, and Open Houses.  Studies do show that staged homes sell faster and for more than vacant/empty ones in the same locations and price ranges.

Step #5

List to Win | Creating Intense Interest (We pay our own commissions)

Whether to List a home For Sale with a Real Estate Agent or to sell it privately "For Sale By Owner" can sometimes be a tough decision.  In most cases, home owner's take this route to avoid paying a listing commission of say 6%.  The reality is that nearly every house hunter is accompanied by a Real Estate agent and that agent's commission (commonly 3%) is coming along as well.  Which leaves the seller potentially saving the remaining 3%.  Or did they?  What if a Real Estate Marketing Team sold that same home for 5% over the asking price as WE DO?  Doesn't that cover all but 1% of the commission?  Sure does!

Contrary to popular belief selling a home FSBO doesn't typically save the homeowner any money at all.  In fact, they may actually lose a considerable amount of profit due to lack of exposure and inaccurate pricing which reduces the odds of multiple offers.  After all, in order generate intense interest in the home and then to sell it to the highest bidder you'd have to have the ability to reach 100% of the potential purchaser's/bidder's and offer the perfect pricing?   So far, there's no evidence that anyone other than a REALTOR has the ability to do that as seamlessly as most Licensed Real Estate Professionals.  We highly recommend that you speak with Grand Rapids Home Values at Keller Williams Rivertown prior to attempting a private sale.  We pay our own commission and most of the buyer agent's commission as well.

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