Prep Time: 30 minutes

Serves: 1 Family

Cook Time: 24 Hours

Provided by:

Grand Rapids Home Values


  • (1) Home for Sale

  • (1) Pre-Approved Buyer w/ Letter

  • (1–2) Real Estate Agents

  • (1) Purchase Agreement Document

  • (1) Seller Disclosure/Lead Based Paint



  1. Assemble and Study Comparables Sales. Collect as many similar sales and analyze for features that have affected sales trends.

  2. Review Seller Disclosures and Lead Based Paint for clarity of condition.

  3. Assess the Competition. Do multiple offers exist? Is the home considered to be “Highly Desirable”?

  4. Draft Offer. Work closely with Realtor to understand each line item of the Purchase Agreement and which ones could best position your offer for acceptance.

  5. Financing. Be sure that the financing type, terms and options are well understood and a pre-approval letter is delivered to the seller with the offer.

  6. Pre-Heat. Alert seller of the offer. Discuss terms, make adjustment and deliver the final version.



Offer amount might not be reflective of the asking price up or down. Consider: Payment, Location, Condition and Uniqueness.