Grand Rapids Home Values is proud to work with Homes for Heroes®, an incredible organization dedicated to helping people who serve buy their dream homes. Established shortly after 9/11, they help law enforcement, firefighters, EMS, military personnel, healthcare professionals, and teachers save on home purchases. They also partner with real estate professionals like us to make it easy for people like you to connect. Since being founded, they’ve saved heroes more than $40 million on real estate transactions, and they may be able to make the impossible come true for you. If you fall into any of the hero categories mentioned above, we would love to work with you and ensure you experience everything that Homes for Heroes has to offer.

Grand Rapids Home Values has served Grand Rapids for more than a decade, and part of what makes unique is our all-out passion for serving our clients. We’ve long understood that we have a responsibility to educate, protect, and advocate for our clients whether they’re buying, selling, exploring financing, or all three. As a result, we’ve earned a reputation as realtors who just don’t quit until their clients get the very best possible results. Contact us to start a conversation today.